PSR CPA brings a combined expertise in accounting, finances and strategic consulting that equates to unparalleled efficiency gains for your business. We provide you with the resources to keep your business relevant and competitive. Our business advisory services aim to bring an upscaled progression to your business valuations at all times.

PSR CPA is a financial consulting firm in the USA that is very skilled and well-versed with tactical business acumen that is crucial for the success of middle-market businesses. We provide the platform for our clients to leverage a diversified expertise to add value, increase profit margins and success and our services range across the world.

We can offer customized solutions because we have associations with CPA professionals across the world, to meet you specific business needs. May it be moving assets or taking care of your finances in the USA, Asia or Gulf regions, an affordable access to team of trained professionals including CPAs and CFO level experts is always within your

PSR CPA successfully registered for the Protection Plus firm-level program. All of your individual tax returns will have access to audit assistance and identity theft restoration services for the upcoming tax year. Stay tuned!!! will share more information at the time of your tax filing for 2020