Do you know that more than 70% of the world’s purchasing power is located outside the United States. More and more businesses and individuals are operating across borders due to the increases in foreign outsourcing, favorable international tax treaties and economies of scale in overseas manufacturing.

This growth has resulted in the expansion of investors, personnel, factories, supply chains and operations located around the globe.

In spite of the advantages, multinational businesses and individuals operating across borders have to deal with many issues thattypical domestic U.S. entities don’t have to deal with, including regulations and rules that vary widely from nation to nation.

Our firm’s greatest demand for multinational services comes from working with foreign-based multinational business clients with subsidiaries in the U.S. or overseas subsidiaries of U.S.-based multinational companies. Our clientele includes businesses and individuals facing the following situations:

U.S.-based business with foreign subsidiaries
● Foreign-based multinational business with subsidiaries in the U.S.
● Foreign companies or multinationals owned by a U.S. citizen
● Non-governmental U.S. organizations with operations located outside the United States
● Partnerships or LLCs with foreign partners or foreign operations or services
● U.S. domestic entities seeking to expand internationally or entering into foreign business ventures
● U.S. trusts and estates with non-resident aliens as beneficiaries
● U.S. citizens with investments in foreign entities
● International investors living in the United States

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