Just like a regular health check-up is essential for your body, a thorough quality assurance review to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your internal audit function is critical for your company. PSR CPA brings in an innovative approach to help your company evaluate the effectiveness of its operational functions and processes.

Our internal control services involve assisting you in identifying and assessing risks related to the accuracy of your financial situation and the security of the assets. We implement segregation of duties so that duties are divided among different people to reduce a risk of error or inappropriate actions. The control over all aspects of any financial transaction is not autonomous. We help you make sure that the transactions are authorized by a delegated approval authority so that the transactions are consistent with policy and available funds. Our financial consultants have spent years in establishing the control flow for complex organizations and  ensure that records are routinely reviewed and reconciled. Our expertise helps us in making sure that certain equipment, inventories, cash and other property are secured physically and counted periodically.

We don’t believe in a once-and-done approach, but solutions that keep on sustaining through the test of time. So we provide your team with appropriate training and guidance to ensure you have all the required knowledge to carry out appropriate level execution. We also set up proper channels for reporting suspected improprieties,document policies and procedures and make them accessible to employees. Our objective with documenting all the policies and procedures is to provide day-to-day guidance to your team in the interest of continuation of duties during prolonged employee absences or turnover.

We emphasize on establishing control efficiency and continually search for ways that the internal control system can be further rationalized in order to achieve reduced costs for the organization.

So if you want to do a health checkup of your business, reach us!

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