Forensic accounting is the specialty area of the accountancy which anticipates disputes or litigation. Over the decades, forensic accounting has played a pivotal role in the corporate spectrum after the financial reporting scams took place in some companies around the world. The forensic accountants investigate information which is suitable to be presented in the court to throw more light on sensitive & credible data. They use accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to undertake enquiries into theft and fraud. It can also be said that the job of forensic accountants is to surprise the perpetrators of the estimated theft and fraud.

Let’s take a look at what are some of the most commonly investigated frauds by forensic accountants.

  • Employee Fraud: Any fraudulent activity that is related to embezzlement through employment or thefts constitute employee fraud
  • Bank Fraud: A fraud that refers customers being defrauded by financial institutions in several different ways
  • Financial Fraud: When companies misrepresent facts with respect to the position of a company in the market, or its financial statements that are publicly available, that constitutes a financial fraud
  • Fiduciary Fraud: Involvement of a person(s) involved in theft or embezzlement in relation to assets that belong to others, resulting in a breach of trust is called Fiduciary fraud.

Do any of the above make you feel that you might have fallen prey to them? As experienced forensic accountants ourselves we can provide you with fraud investigation services. After all, if you see something you should say something!

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