As your business expands and becomes more dynamic, it demands a senior-level financial expert as the decisions you make play very critical roles at that stage. Every now and then, you might be faced with more complex financial decisions that can benefit from a veteran expertise so that you reach your strategic growth objective. Businesses striving to maximize their growth potential need a professional to take charge of financial functions, and that role is played by a CFO.

Let’s take a look at what makes having a CFO so important.

Monitor Financial Statements:
Being the gatekeeper of your financial department, the CFO oversees financial statements and reports regularly. They usually rely on a dedicated team of accountants and auditors who compile, produce, and monitor financial reports for them. As a small business, you may not have those resources to begin with.

Keep An Eye On Regulatory Changes:
Regulatory changes are inevitable in the financial industry, and CFOs must learn to anticipate them and their effects. They understand that myriad external forces impact business and affect their objectives and develop high-level knowledge of the market trends, politics, and international events.

Manage Compliance:
You require an expert-level understanding of rules and regulations that pertain to the industry. In a situation where you fail to meet the standards, you can be subjected to expensive penalties or entering into lengthy lawsuits. The ones you can never afford if you want to sustain and grow.

Develop Policies:
CFOs do more than simply handle day-to-day operations, as they also work with high-level colleagues to develop and enhance corporate policies. They use their expert understanding of the industry to shape strategies that enable the company to achieve ambitious goals and perform at its best. While CFOs come with a massive expertise and an array of solutions, they also come with an overhead cost of a six figure salary. For a small business it is almost always difficult to meet ends, especially in a volatile market like the contemporary one. Regardless of that, you cannot undermine the need for expert financial advice. So what to do then?

Introducing Part-time CFO Services:
A trust-worthy financial consultant firm, such as PSR CPA, can help you with budgeting and forecasting, cash flow and revenue management keeping all your requirements in mind. Our experts will analyse and highlight the Key Performance Indicators that contribute to your business growth and do a thorough Financial Modeling pertaining to them. We have handled enough specialized financial projects to know the true worth of your business and assist you in expanding it with mergers and acquisitions when the time comes. And we don’t even charge six figures!


A functional consultant OR FICO as the moniker goes plays a very critical role in establishing efficient business and after-market processes for you. They evaluate the demands by talking to the customers and transform its essence into an abstract and algorithmic business model. The most important task that a FICO consultant will help you with is customizing the respective business area and making sure the system reacts in the manner in line with the requested use case.

PSR CPA is a professional FICO consulting solutions company and we help our clients with customization and implementation of the FI/CO Module. As your consultants we document the settings and prepare the proper guidelines that allow further changes or repairs with due efforts as required.

Our experience leads us to generate knowledge about the current business process, design current business flows, study current business processes and its complications. We do a thorough job of generating and managing your financial statements for analysis and reporting and help with effective business planning and decision-making

During our time in the industry as financial consultants working in the USA, we are well-versed with FICO integration with functional modules of SD, MM, with procedure development, script testing and implementation. If you are a business that needs credible FICO services, we can get you started with the start-up of SAP ECC 6.0 software including Order-to-Cash, Purchase-to-Pay and Manufacture-to-Stock processing.

We provide solutions on GL, AR, AP, AA, COPA, PCA, Cash management, Enterprise Controlling, Controlling Cost center accounting, Budgeting, Planning and Allocation. We also conduct regular reviews and update the Functional Design Documents for FI/CO developments ranging from conversions to interfaces and Forms.

When we take on a project, we consider ourselves responsible for leading analysis and design in the SAP FI/CO area, often in close cooperation with your finance team.Our experts conduct structured testing internally and with users to ensure a stabilization of the solution and continuous improvements.

We specialize in providing the professional SAP Finance and Controlling FICO solutions with over 5 years of experience in Health Care, Insurance, Finance and Retail Industry. Our experience spans the entire SDLC that covers a multitude of topics such as gap analysis, prototyping, data mapping, writing specifications, design, development, testing, quality adherence, documentation, etc. All this, at highly competitive prices!

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